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Thomas Laine

Jewelry tells a story of life which punctuates the special occasions within it, Thomas Laine creates pieces that represent those occasions. Taking the best of classic and modern jewelry, Thomas Laine marries old world romance and elegance that epitomizes the beauty, style, and glamour of the early 1950’s combined with the influence of historic royal jewelry and its European heritage. Thomas Laine handcrafts their works with a quality and craftsmanship akin to luxury fine jewelry utilizing high end materials such as .925 sterling silver, rhodium plating, cultured pearls and Swarovski crystals to create pieces that will last the passage of time to become treasured family heirlooms that evoke happy memories and emotions of love every time they're worn.

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Operating since 1987, Sassy South offers an extensive selection of high quality jewelry with a unique flair and design all their own.

Sassy South

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