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Meet The Team

I stumbled into the bridal gown business over a decade ago when I took a part time job at a local bridal shop and I haven’t looked back. Every year I fall more in love with my brides, the gowns and the industry as a whole.  After eventually learning the business and working my way up, I began running the shop where I started my career in bridal. Once in that role I realized that starting my own shop was something I truly wanted and dreamed of. In late 2018 the dream of opening my own store became a reality, it seemed crazy and impossible but in March of 2019, I took the plunge. I quit my job running  that bridal boutique in California and moved to Las Vegas, The Story Bridal Couture was born!


Fun Fact: A handful of years ago my partner roped me into working large scale music events with him and I fell in love with it! So on occasion you might find me working in merchandising at large scale events like Coachella and Stagecoach!


Tory Dean
Owner/ Sylist

I've lived in Las Vegas for nearly half my life and I've seen & experienced a lot. I have a love for art, design and all things creative (I've created all of the gorgeous bouquets and flower arrangements that adorn the store.) I love the word shenanigans because I create and exude quite a bit of it. Its all of these things along with my almost 10 year marriage and my nine year old son that keeps me grounded and makes me happier than I could’ve ever hoped for, all of which help me build my connection with all the brides I work with.


Fun Fact: I was on a reality tv show based here in Las Vegas, NV once upon a time and I’m actually a rogue spy trapped in a klutzy redhead’s body


bio coming soon.

Nicole Cheney

Stacey DeTie

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